Helter Shelter

There will be a collaborative project on 24th November utilising Herne Bay’s underused and overlooked seaside shelters as alternative pop-up venues

Through a series of installations, workshops, performance art and competitions, be inviting both residents and visitors of our wonderful seaside town, to accompany us upon on a magical journey where they will discover incredible, fabulous, unexpected, overlooked, monumental discoveries and secrets of Herne Bay history.

Henry Baye – Seven scenes for seven shelters
A series of 7, one day, Pop-Up, Installations over the four-week BayFest using Lifesize Dolls/mannequins to create a Herne Bay version of A Rake’s Progress – the fictional story Tom Rakewell originally created by
William Hogarth in a series of eight paintings, one scene in each of the seven Shelters.

Wendy’s House – who will you find waiting to play chess, discuss 54 million year-old fossils, tidal erosion,
aerodynamics or time travel with you over a cup of tea.

Window Through Time – imagine flying through time and space in our time machine seaside shelter,
experience a surreal timeline where Marcel Duchamp may rub shoulders with Barnes Wallis and Maunsell
Forts and Mammoths may stride ashore to mingle with Victorian and Edwardian tourists…

Project organisers

Karen Simpson
artist/maker/workshop & project facilitator

Nicholas Godsell
@teatimeandtide / #teatimeandtide

Supporters and Sponsors
Paradox Artist Collective
Canterbury City Council

Helter Shelter