Exhibition – “The Echoing Remains” at One New Street

New exhibition "The echoing remains" at One New Street between October 17th and November 2nd 2018

Come along to One New Street between October 17th and November 2nd 2018, between 11am and 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

“The Echoing Remains” is a group exhibition presenting the diversity of creative responses to multiple facets of our life from an artist’s perspective, revealing the varied understanding of the world around us.

This exhibition features art works of thirteen young artists living and working in New Delhi, India. Each of these artists, through their unique styles of working in different genres, depict their contemplation of our society in a state of constant change. Within the space of a frame, their works present a world that is undeniably alive with lived experiences and alternate reality which intricately reaches out to individuals of other cultural backgrounds.

The artworks in different mediums depict a gateway to infinite expanses consciousness of these artists and their existence in Indian society. Consequently, their visual statements distinctly reflect their individual concerns and beliefs.

Their works are rooted in relationships with people, home, nature and spiritual environment through painting, drawing, collage, print and sculpture. Despite different backgrounds and upbringings, their works harmonize with one another as much as they contrast.

Though each work expresses a different subject, it manifests a deeper strength of their creative pursuit revealing in the process aspects of India which is contemporary and modern.

The Echoing Remains